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Leading Law Firm in Egypt Since 1986

TCMG has been one of the top 10 law firms in Egypt, owing to the successful cases handled by the firm and its PR efforts. We are here to create a new level of legal solutions to achieve our client's legal goals.

TCMG Lawer Office


Professional Lawyers in Egypt

Legal support provided by a team of experienced lawyers and legal consultants ready to represent you in court and achieve your legal goals.


Premier Law Office

TCMG is a lawyer office that aims to support clients' legal cases with over 30 years of legal expertise, serving both local and international clientele.


Legal Consultations Cover Law Specialties

TCMG comprises a team of expert legal advisors in Egypt, specializing in various legal fields such as corporate, business, finance, and commercial law, who offer consultations that meet your legal needs.

Why Choose Us As a Legal Partner?

​TCMG Law Firm has ethics that guide the working mechanism, in addition to the principles of lawyers and partners working in the office. Our clients witnessed the strength of our office and the confidence in dealing with us, and the following principles are what you will find when dealing with us:

Trust is our motto in TCMG Law Firm

Trust Is Our Priority

Maintaining customer secrets


Quick Legal Solutions

Quick Legal Solutions

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Legal Services Achieve Your Goals

Our law firm offers a comprehensive range of 30+ legal services globally. With a team of over 40 specialized lawyers in Egypt, we provide high-quality, timely solutions at both local and international levels, maintaining excellence in performance standards.

Legal Consultation With TCMG's Advisers
Corporate Services like Establishing companies
Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution



Legal aid from a specialized lawyer who supports your goal and provides the best legal solutions for your case.

If you want to invest in Egypt, let us become your legal partners from the start of your business. TCMG Law Firm provides professional services in company establishment, corporate law and legal affairs.

TCMG 's professionals are ready to support clients’ legal cases by representing them before Egyptian courts to advocate for your case and achieve your legal goals asap and with minimal losses.

Our office specializes in arbitration and dispute resolution and adjudicating all business, financial, and social disputes between individuals, companies, and various institutions. We are rated as one of the best arbitration law firms in Egypt for our success.

Specialized Lawyers Supporting Your Case


TCMG Law Firm has assembled an integrated team of specialized lawyers in various legal fields, aiming to support local and international clients with a new level of legal solutions in:

lawyer specializing in international cases

International Cases

Thanks to our relentless pursuit of becoming one of the premier international law firms in Egypt, TCMG has assembled a team of international lawyers specializing in international commercial arbitration and international trade in Egypt and the Middle East.

commercial cases

Commercial Cases

If you starting a business, you will need commercial lawyer's support to finalize commercial contracts and corporate lawyer's support to establish your company and handle all legal matters. TCMG experts are here to support you throughout your journey.

Real estate lawyer specializing in cases

Real Estate Cases

TCMG Law Firm provides professional legal services in the field of real estate development for investors and companies. Our real estate lawyers also draft and register all types of property contracts, whether commercial or residential.

Banking lawyer specializing in financial cases

Financial Cases

Our financial lawyers support clients in banking and compensation cases. and they work to achieve clients' goals such as establishing tax records and contributing effectively to the financial aspects of company formation.

Criminal lawyer specializing in criminal cases

Criminal Cases

TCMG ‘s crime lawyer represents clients in courts in criminal cases such as theft, murder, drug offenses, administrative corruption, and others, with the aim of advocating for the client and achieving justice.

Lawyer spicialists in Civil cases

Civil Cases

TCMG Law Firm excels in civil cases, providing dedicated representation for individuals and businesses. Our experienced civil lawyers navigate legal complexities, offering effective advocacy and optimal results.

Ask a Lawyer of TCMG

Ask A Lawyer

Do you have any legal inquiries and wish to ask one of our experts for a comprehensive answer? Ask a lawyer from TCMG advisors now, and you will get a response within 24 hours.

Mohammed Abu Deif, CEO of TCMG

Muhammad Abu Daif - CEO

Our Professionals

The administrative structure of TCMG Law Firm consists of a team of specialized lawyers and legal consultants in various legal fields to create a new level of legal solutions.

Hisham Mahmoud criminal lawyer in TCMG

Hisham Mahmoud - Criminal Defense Lawyer

Suha Khairy banking lawyer in TCMG

Soha Khairy - Banking lawyer

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TCMG Law Firm

TCMG Law Firm History 


The Commercial Marine Group (TCMG) Law Firm was founded by lawyer Muhammed Abu Daif - a lawyer specializing in appellate and constitutional law - in 1986 as a law office in Alexandria. Subsequently, a second branch of TCMG was established in Cairo to serve Egyptian clients across various provinces, providing them with a new standard of effective legal solutions. The firm has earned clients’ trust because of the dedicated legal efforts of our professionals in handling various legal cases to achieve their goals.


Satisfied Clients


Years Of Experience

Regional Hubs
Cairo & Dubai & Riyadh

Clients Reviews

Thanks for the fine treatment that I found during my first dealings with TCMG, which formed my first impression of the high professionalism of firm.

Mr. Ali Marzouk

Certified financial expert



We are happy to be part of the success story of these leading brands, and we seek to be trusted by international brands


© Copyright TCMG Law Firm 2024
© Copyright TCMG Law Firm 2024


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