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Many clients with legal cases and goals seek a list of law firms to seek immediate legal advice or a legal service. So, we designed the offices page to facilitate reaching our office inside and outside Egypt for our clients looking for a law firm in Cairo, Dubai, or any other Arab city.




Do you have any legal questions? Write your question now on ask a Lawyer page and our legal team will respond to you with a comprehensive answer. Just leave us a question and it will be answered in less than 24 hours.



We have collected all the common questions asked by our clients and added them on one page that enables our visitors to learn more about everything related to TCMG Law Firm, which will give you a general idea of our offices, lawyers, legal services, method of booking through the site, method of payment, and how to book your services from the office.



Know about our offices on Google Maps, so that it is easy for you to reach us easily in one of our law offices in Egypt and rest of the World. We welcome all clients from inside and outside Egypt to request legal advice or book our legal service.

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