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International Lawyer: Strategies in resolving international cases and disputes

In a global economy and increasing relations between countries,  international lawyer jobs are crucial to relations between different countries.

International law refers to the rules and agreements that bind international actors, so it is necessary to have lawyers with full experience in international politics, legal rights consultations, and recommendations for the best scenarios.

In this article, we will introduce international law, types of international lawyer jobs with their roles, responsibilities and the types of cases they deal with.

Who is an international lawyer?

Who is an international lawyer?

International Lawyer: He is the intersection of law and policy whose practice areas relate to international issues and clients. He is familiar with how countless laws and regulations interact together. They work to apply international law agreed upon by countries depending on the type of specialization.

 International lawyers in Egypt specialize in many fields such as international taxes, human rights and others. These specializations are widely practiced outside the borders of countries. They are usually skilled in public speaking, writing, negotiations, and critical analysis.

Types of an International Lawyer

Most lawyers specialize in one field such as human rights, contracts, companies, immigration or taxes. They provide advice to their clients on the local laws of their country of origin. However international lawyer jobs may involve resolving international disputes, negotiating contracts, etc. This requires knowledge of the legal systems, each according to their specialization:

  • international tax lawyer: He is a lawyer who specializes in tax affairs and is a professional in local and international tax law. He helps you solve your economic problems if you are outside your country and provides tax advice. He also helps solve economic problems between countries.

  •  international family lawyer: A lawyer specializing in family law can help you solve your social problems that extend to an international aspect. If you want to marry a foreigner and are suffering from a problem, or if you want to marry outside your country, they also provide an environment to solve divorce and family custody problems. International lawyers in Egypt can solve all your social problems.

  • international business lawyer: Hiring hem will give your business the strategic advantage it needs to thrive in global arenas. he work to link the various operational aspects of the company. he can help in drafting international contracts and agreements that are compatible with local and international laws through good knowledge of international trade law. international immigration lawyer: International lawyer will help you if it comes to international issues regarding work permits, residence visas and other issues. He is also responsible for part of the procedures throughout the immigration process from income, residence and departure conditions.

  • international custody lawyer: He can help you solve the problem of your child’s custody. If the relationship between the spouses is complex and the parents plan to live in different countries, an experienced Egyptian international lawyer can help you evaluate and protect against the risks of the foreign parent taking the child away from you. Therefore, an experienced lawyer can make a quick and decisive decision, To ensure that the state takes appropriate action.

  • international ip lawyer: Intellectual property law protects a wide range of creative and innovative works such as logos and handicrafts, so an international ip lawyer can conduct intellectual property due diligence to assess the validity of intellectual property rights, their susceptibility to potential infringement, and protect them from infringement at the domestic and international levels.

  • international contract lawyer: It is necessary to have an international lawyer when a company drafts a contract with customers or suppliers that cross national borders. The lawyer drafts and negotiates all legal terms with the other party to avoid a dispute between the parties and regulate possible jurisdictional aspects of the international contract.

  • international injury lawyer: In the event that an unfortunate accident occurs to a member of your family or you suffer a serious injury outside the country, an international injury lawyer can help you file an international case and ensure that your right is not lost under the hands of experts familiar with international law. An international lawyer in Egypt will file a complaint with international courts and will deal with the foreign country and will guarantee  Your right and keep it.

With these specialized lawyers and experts in international law, you can consult an international lawyer in Egypt and he will provide you with legal advice in the dispute or case you are facing.

What is international law?

What is international law?

International law: It is a system of binding rules agreed upon between states that govern the behavior of states, international organizations and individuals in interactions.  Sources of international law include treaties and customary international law.  The scope of international law practiced by international lawyers covers a wide range of issues including diplomatic relations, armed conflicts, environmental protection, human rights and trade, all of which are drawn up in the form of agreements between states.

International law is a crucial field for resolving disputes.  International law contributes to maintaining global order;  Due to its major role in regulating relations with countries, there are international lawyers in Egypt who are experts in this law.

What are the specializations that international law discusses?

International law includes different main fields, each of which discusses different specializations practiced by international lawyers with a great deal of experience:

  1.  Vernacular international law: This is a basic field that focuses on the legal framework that governs relations between states, covering the topics of sovereignty and responsibility of states, diplomatic relations and peaceful resolution of disputes.  In addition, international law includes critical areas such as: 

  • human rights law, which international governments maintain by preventing or limiting local interference in the enjoyment of human rights.

  •   International criminal law, the body of laws respecting international crimes such as war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.

  • . International trade law: It is a set of rules and commercial agreements that govern commercial transactions between countries. 

  •  International law of the sea: It is a law that was established based on an international agreement to provide an integrated legal framework for the mechanism for utilizing the waters of the seas and oceans in the world. It also includes preserving environmental and marine resources, addressing issues related to the sovereignty of states over the seas and oceans, the right to usufruct, and the rights related to navigation through the equitable use of those resources.

  1. Private international law: deals with disputes and transactions between private parties, including companies and individuals. It deals with regulations applied to private legal matters with an international dimension, including cross-border transactions, international contracts, and dispute-resolution mechanisms.  Private international law applied by international lawyers provides rules that apply when disputes arise in areas such as: 

  • International tax law, which refers to taxation in cross-border situations that require an international tax lawyer experienced in these rules and agreements. 

  •  International Family Law: These are the laws that apply to family law issues that have an international perspective, such as marriage or divorce. The parents may be in a country other than their country of origin, or the child may be far from his country of origin. Therefore, the presence of an international lawyer who is an expert in these laws and complexities is necessary for the benefit of the family.

  1.  Supranational law: It is a form of international law that relies on restricting the rights of sovereign states among themselves. It also covers regional agreements, where the law of a state may be inapplicable when it conflicts with a set of supranational rules. For example: the European Union law of states.  The members of the European Union have their own set of laws that are implemented directly by member states.

What does an international lawyer do?

Role of international lawyer

It can be said that international lawyer jobs are complex because he has many roles that he must adhere to at the global level for individuals and countries. He provides companies, individuals and government bodies with legal consultation related to legal rights in order to fully understand important international policies, he can assist his clients in the following matters:

  •  Navigating between different global contexts between countries.

  • Negotiating settlements for foreign organizations.

  •  Drafting agreements for national governments.

  •  International lawyers Draft legal terms and treaty provisions.

  •  Representing important charities regarding human rights violations.

  •  Assisting in negotiating to resolve and settle international disputes between individuals or groups.

  •  Representing individuals or governmental organizations.

  • assisting in international development.

By considering this role you must realize the importance of having an international lawyer at the global level and the personal level to maintain this international system.

Why choose us with confidence?

Why choose TCMG Law Firm with confidence?

TCMG is the largest international law firm in Egypt, as it includes local and international lawyers with the highest level of experience who believe in the importance of self-development at the global and legal level in their efforts. TCMG receives many cases from clients at the local and international level that exist due to what distinguishes them.  Our office differs from other law firms and the principles that our international and local lawyers adhere to:

  •  Attention to customer satisfaction.

  •  Keeping client secrets.

  • . Maintaining trust is our logo.

  • We provide the fastest legal solutions.

TCMG law firm has many legal specializations under the supervision of experts at the highest level, such as:

  • International Cases: We will assign you an international lawyer who will handle your international cases and achieve your goals in international commercial arbitration.

  •  Criminal cases: With more than 30 years of experience, we will support you with a criminal lawyer who is able to attend investigations before the prosecution and handle criminal cases.

  •  Commercial cases: To guarantee your rights as a client, we will appoint for you a lawyer who is an expert in commercial cases and will guarantee you victory in achieving your commercial goals.

  •  Real Estate Cases: We will appoint an expert real estate lawyer to solve legal problems related to real estate, such as lawsuits, real estate possessions, and others.

  •  Financial issues: The TCMG office includes international lawyers who are experts in financial, banking, banking, public funds and compensation issues.

  •  Civil Cases: We will assign you lawyers specialized in civil cases with a degree of experience to resolve all types of cases arising from contracts and civil transactions, in addition to providing sufficient defense and pleading support before the courts to achieve victory for our clients.

If you have an international issue and are looking for legal services, it is important to Ask A Lawyer about your situation.  Lawyers can provide you with legal guidance tailored to your circumstances.  TCMG Law Firm aims to deal with the complexities of legal problems and achieve results that satisfy its clients.


In this interconnected world governed by laws, international lawyer jobs constitute the main pillars in dealing with issues related to clients, deals and conflicts that extend across countries due to their broad scope of work.  Therefore, it was necessary to have international lawyers with experience in international law to deal with these problems and provide the best solutions to maintain high peace.


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