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Legal Consultation: New Level of Effective Legal Solutions

Welcome to TCMG Law Firm, your trusted destination for trusted legal consultation. At TCMG, we redefine the landscape of international legal advisory, delivering precision and expertise tailored to your unique needs. As your professional legal partners, we navigate the complexities of legal regulations, providing strategic counsel that transcends borders to achieve your legal goals.

Why Choose TCMG As a Consulting Partner?

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and our team of practicing professionals stands ready to champion your legal cases. With a proven track record of success, we blend global wisdom with local vision, ensuring that your legal journey is marked by confidence and success. To ensure the success of our clients, we work within the following principles:

متابعة قانونية_edited.png

Legal Follow-Up

دعم من مستشار قانوني متخصص_edited.png

Specialist Legal Advisors

علاقات أستراتيجية 2_edited.png

Strategic Relationships

Legal Consultation Suits Your Preference


We understand that flexibility is key, and we are committed to providing legal assistance in a manner that aligns with your needs and preferences.

استشارة قانونية إلكترونية أو مكتبية

Office Consulting

We understand the value of face-to-face interactions when it comes to legal cases. Our Office Consulting provides you with the opportunity to discuss your concerns directly with our experienced legal advisers team. Enjoy a personalized and confidential session in our comfortable offices, where our professionals will address your legal goals with the utmost attention to detail and expertise.

استشارة قانونية واتس اب

WhatsApp Consultation

Embrace the power of instant communication with TCMG Law Firm's WhatsApp consultations. Receive quick responses to your legal inquiries, share documents securely, and engage in a convenient and efficient legal dialogue, all within the user-friendly environment of WhatsApp. Trust TCMG for swift and reliable legal counsel tailored to your needs.

رقم محامي للاستشارة (استشارة قانونية بالتليفون)

Telephone Consultation

Experience the convenience of legal advice at your fingertips with our telephone consultations at TCMG Law Firm. Our expert legal advisors are just a phone call away, ready to provide you with prompt and efficient guidance. Whether you have urgent queries or prefer the ease of discussing matters over the phone, our telephone consultations ensure that you receive the professional insights you need, all within the comfort of your own space.


What Is Your Choice?


5 Simple Steps To Book Your Consultation

Five steps put the power of legal advice in your hands

أحصل علي دعم قانونى مميز

After completing all the initial steps, you are now ready to hold your consultation with your specialized legal consultant, who is prepared to support you in your case and your desired legal objective. The consultation will not end until effective solutions capable of achieving your goal are reached.

Get legal support


أتمم مدفوعاتك لسعر الاستشارة بأمان

Rest confirmed that your payments would be processed securely. We have a rigorous system in place to protect and secure payments. Your credit card information will not be stored on our website. Once the payment transaction is completed, your consultation will be booked with the highest level of security.

Complete your payments securely


املئ البيانات المطلوبة للاستشارة

Fill out the consultation form

Complete the consultation form with accurate information, including your name, mobile number, and email address. Provide a brief description of the legal case for which you seek consultation. This information will be presented to the specialized consultant who will support you.


احجز موعد استشاراتك أون لاين

Flexibly select the day and suitable time for your consultation, according to your valuable time. The legal consultant will be ready to communicate with you at the specified time and support you with more than 20 years of legal experience.

Schedule your appointment


اختر نوع الاستشارة القانونية المطلوبة

Choose the desired consultation

Choose the consultation that suits your needs, whether it's an immediate legal consultation via phone call or WhatsApp, scheduling an appointment at our offices in Cairo, Riyadh, and Dubai, or booking an online legal consultation by scheduling a meeting with a legal consultant.


Statistics about TCMG as a consulting firm

In the realm of legal consultancy, TCMG Law Firm is a symbol of excellence, providing top-tier and innovative solutions. Explore the compelling statistics that underscore the success and impact of TCMG as a premier consulting firm.

عدد العملاء السعداء_edited.png

Years of Experience

Firm Consultants

Satisfied Clients

عدد المستشارين القانونيين بمكتبنا
عدد سنوات الخبرة

بادر بحجز إستشارتك الآن مع أفضل المتخصصين في مصر!


  • Best Value

    استشارة هاتفية

    مكالمة واحدة قادرة على توجيهك للنصر القانوني
    • Legal Consultation - إستشارة قانونية هاتفية من داخل مصر
  • استشارة واتس أب

    رسائل صوتية ونصية تضع قوة القانون بيدك
    • WhatsApp Legal Consultation - إستشارة قانونية واتس أب
  • استشارة وجها لوجه مكتبية

    إرشاد قانوني موثوق لحماية حقوقك من مستشار متخصص
    • Office Legal Consultation - إستشارة قانونية مكتبية

استشارات تمنحك القدرة على المنافسة والتفوق في البيئة القانونية.


Clients Reviews


Proud to be a part of the success stories of our clients both within and outside Egypt, we stand as an accredited and trusted legal partner, as attested by their reviews.

TCMG Law Firm's strategic approach to legal problem-solving and global perspective have been game-changers for our business. Their responsiveness and commitment to excellence make them a reliable and trusted legal advisor.

Dr. Amr Hassan

CEO Directors of Al-Waha Hospital

  • Can I book an appointment via the website?
    Yes, you can always book an appointment with us by selecting the required legal service from our services on the website, reserve the appropriate time for you, enter your data and confirm your reservation.
  • What are the common ways of payment during the booking of the legal services provided?
    We offer two payment ways on our website : - The first way: Payment by credit card, the required money is deducted from the card immediately and the required service is booked. The second way: Payment at the appointment.
  • Can I book a service or an appointment via e-mail?
    Sure, you can send the required service name, your name and phone number to the booking email We will communicate by calling or sending an e-mail, setting the appropriate time for you and confirming of the reservation provided for your part.
  • Can I book a service or an appointment by phone?
    Sure, you can contact us at +201141280448 Within the working hours, from Saturday to Tuesday from 9 am to 2.30pm, with public holiday precautions.
  • Can I book a service or an appointment via other social media?
    Of course, you can book via social media by sending the name of the required service, your name and phone number and we will communicate with you to confirm your reservation and set the appropriate time.
  • How long is the booking confirmation?
    There is no fixed duration but often no longer than 24 hours to confirm with the observance of public holidays and the confirmation is as soon as possible according to official working dates and other days.
  • Can I cancel the booking after confirming it?
    Certainly, you can cancel your reservation after the confirmation, provided that the cancellation is up to 10 hours before the date of your appointment, if possible.
  • Can I cancel the booking after it is deducted in cash via credit card?
    Sure, you can cancel the booking after it is deducted in cash from your credit card, but you should be aware that the cancellation of the booking occurred 24 hours before the date of your reservation if possible.
  • What is the duration of the refund of the booking after payment by credit card and cancellation on my side without coming?
    The full money is refunded within 48 hours as a minimum and 15 days as a maximum in your credit card or bank account.
  • I want a legal service that does not exist within the legal services provided on the website?
    You can send the required legal service type to And you will be provided with our response as soon as possible.
  • I have booked a legal service but it has been cancelled or modified what is the solution?
    Sometimes we're sorry that the date of the reserved legal service may be modified to another later date and you will be updated by the new date via the data provided by you either by phone, email, etc., we can also cancel certain duplicate or fake bookings in accordance with The Commercial Marine Group procedures.
  • I booked an appointment after paying in cash by credit card, but the appointment was delayed or cancelled?"
    If the booking was cancelled or delayed in error without the agreement of the customer, the full money will be sent within 48 hours as a minimum and 15 days as a maximum to the bank account or credit card. Provided that the cancellation or modification has been made by us and the booking has been made via credit card.
  • What are the non-existent reservations?
    These are repeated, false, or expired reservations that are treated as nil.
  • Can I reserve more than one service at the same time?
    You can reserve more than one legal service at the same time by selecting the appropriate dates during the reservation. The multiple reservations services are available only by booking via credit cards.
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