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Ask a Lawyer From TCMG's Experts Online

Do you have a legal question and desire a comprehensive answer from a legal expert? Ask a lawyer online from TCMG Law Firm and receive a response via email in less than 24 hours.

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  • Can I book an appointment via the website?
    Yes, you can always book an appointment with us by selecting the required legal service from our services on the website, reserve the appropriate time for you, enter your data and confirm your reservation.
  • What are the common ways of payment during the booking of the legal services provided?
    We offer two payment ways on our website : - The first way: Payment by credit card, the required money is deducted from the card immediately and the required service is booked. The second way: Payment at the appointment.
  • Can I book a service or an appointment via e-mail?
    Sure, you can send the required service name, your name and phone number to the booking email We will communicate by calling or sending an e-mail, setting the appropriate time for you and confirming of the reservation provided for your part.
  • Can I book a service or an appointment by phone?
    Sure, you can contact us at +201141280448 Within the working hours, from Saturday to Tuesday from 9 am to 2.30pm, with public holiday precautions.
  • Can I book a service or an appointment via other social media?
    Of course, you can book via social media by sending the name of the required service, your name and phone number and we will communicate with you to confirm your reservation and set the appropriate time.
  • How long is the booking confirmation?
    There is no fixed duration but often no longer than 24 hours to confirm with the observance of public holidays and the confirmation is as soon as possible according to official working dates and other days.
  • Can I cancel the booking after confirming it?
    Certainly, you can cancel your reservation after the confirmation, provided that the cancellation is up to 10 hours before the date of your appointment, if possible.
  • Can I cancel the booking after it is deducted in cash via credit card?
    Sure, you can cancel the booking after it is deducted in cash from your credit card, but you should be aware that the cancellation of the booking occurred 24 hours before the date of your reservation if possible.
  • What is the duration of the refund of the booking after payment by credit card and cancellation on my side without coming?
    The full money is refunded within 48 hours as a minimum and 15 days as a maximum in your credit card or bank account.
  • I want a legal service that does not exist within the legal services provided on the website?
    You can send the required legal service type to And you will be provided with our response as soon as possible.
  • I have booked a legal service but it has been cancelled or modified what is the solution?
    Sometimes we're sorry that the date of the reserved legal service may be modified to another later date and you will be updated by the new date via the data provided by you either by phone, email, etc., we can also cancel certain duplicate or fake bookings in accordance with The Commercial Marine Group procedures.
  • I booked an appointment after paying in cash by credit card, but the appointment was delayed or cancelled?"
    If the booking was cancelled or delayed in error without the agreement of the customer, the full money will be sent within 48 hours as a minimum and 15 days as a maximum to the bank account or credit card. Provided that the cancellation or modification has been made by us and the booking has been made via credit card.
  • What are the non-existent reservations?
    These are repeated, false, or expired reservations that are treated as nil.
  • Can I reserve more than one service at the same time?
    You can reserve more than one legal service at the same time by selecting the appropriate dates during the reservation. The multiple reservations services are available only by booking via credit cards.
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