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The Start of TCMG Law Firm


Lawyer Muhammed Abu Daif established his first law firm in 1986 in Alexandria. Over time, the Office's successes have begun to grow among clients on various issues; He also contributed to building a mass base of clients from Alexandria and Cairo governorates. With the increase in requests for legal services such as litigation, dispute resolution, and real estate development, Mr. Muhammed Abu Daif expanded his first office by including a selection of legal human cadres to return to the service of valued customers. Over a few years, the Office had a track record of legal successes; This resulted in the opening of our second office in the center of Cairo to expand the service of our valued customers in other Egyptian governorates. At that moment, as the Office's legal lawyers and advisers had increased, the idea and vision of TCMG had arisen.

Why TCMG Law Firm


Our lawyers specialize in establishing companies. With diverse teams specializing in real estate and technology companies   e-commerce and establishing import and export companies.



We have no room for error, we work through a legal system to review and document what ensures the integrity of your legal documents. This is a commitment that we put upon ourselves within the principles that guide our work mechanism.



A corporate lawyer follows up with you, step by step, the stages of establishing your company. You do not need to call to inquire about the process, as the follow-up system continues even after the incorporation procedures are completed.



 You can find out the time period for establishing your company through the business scope assigned to you. Rest assured, all inspections and procedures will end in a few days, after which you can announce your business and start immediately!



We are committed with all our clients to certain results that they aim for, so we do our best to make the end results of the company's policy satisfactory to the client; In turn, he will be optimistic about the start of the business world.



​Through our website, you can fill out a legal advice form, which can help you get free advice and work through a phone call or an office interview. We offer this service free of charge because we aim to increase awareness among our customers.



هدفنا المجموعة التجارية والبحرية للمحاماة

Our Mission And Stable Goal Since The Date Of Inception

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Our goal is to be the top law firm in Egypt and the Middle East by 2030 and to provide all legal services with different and unconventional thinking and true professionalism for individuals and companies and to maintain professionalism with our clients by providing them with legal support in a comfortable and modern way using modern technology while providing all innovative proposals to meet their needs and requirements. Serious work is the main pillar that TCMG has sought since its inception, It lies in giving integrated legal solutions to its clients, in a unique, distinct, and unconventional way. Through years of struggle and practice, the group was able to put in place a mechanism for resolving and dealing with legal cases for its clients. Through years of practical and legal experience on the ground, the group has acquired the right approach and systematic scientific foundations to carry out legal business outside and inside the Arab Republic of Egypt; Which made it trustworthy, and a mainstay for all its valued customers. Its tasks continue to improve the level of its internal and external work and to upgrade its level with all groups dealing with the group.

Our Ambition And Vision For The Future


We seek to expand cooperation protocols with the offices of other countries to cover the group’s business at the regional and global levels in line with the Vision of 2030. We have coordinated several international cooperation protocols with leading international law firms and offices from Arab countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Oman, and other countries. We look forward to increasing cooperation to include various parts of the world to serve our clients and facilitate legal procedures for them while supporting them to achieve their desired goals. We also strive to build a complete vision for a future full of ambition and specific goals. Our vision lies in facilitating judicial solutions for our clients, initiating legal procedures, and serving their interests and goals. We always strive to raise our quality standards and provide various legal services in an advanced manner, combined with our experience that exceeds three decades. We aim to expand our international relations to include countries outside the Middle East to activate the TCMG's vision for a better future that achieves what the group has raised to serve its customers at the local, regional, and global levels.

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من نحن المجموعة التجارية والبحرية للمحاماة

Our Team Of Expert Lawyers And Legal Advisors


A successful work team is the most important step for achieving the goals of law firms and companies, especially for the work members of specialized lawyers to work in a team spirit to gather professional experience and leadership skills; Which results in a professional teamwork environment through interaction between the team members, sharing experiences and exchanging information, which creates more creative ideas and solutions to the legal problems and issues. Our office includes a group of the largest lawyers in Egypt who specialize in various fields of law and they are ready to provide their best efforts to support our valued clients at the local and international levels. By communicating with us, we will support you with a lawyer who specializes in your legal problem or case to help you solve it and achieve your goals.

Years Of Experince



المحامي محمد أبو ضيف الرئيس التنفيذي في المجموعة التجارية والبحرية للمحاماة_edited.jpg
We aim to be the best law firm in the Mena thanks to the efforts of our experts in serving our clients, and we aim to advance at the local, regional and global levels because of our strong belief in the expertise of our legal team and our great desire to raise a new slogan for the best legal solutions.

Counselor Muhammad Abu Daif


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