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The Office of Counselor Muhammad Abu Dhaif, the lawyer in cassation and constitutionalism  and senior administrative, 30 years of experience in the legal profession


Are you looking for a lawyer number to consult or to inquire about a case that bothers you and do you want to appoint a strong, highly experienced lawyer to achieve victory for you in this case? Then the lawyer, Mohamed Abu Dhaif, is the best law firm and legal advice in Egypt, and it is the perfect choice for you. With the testimony of clients, he is better than practicing law, caring about the details of cases, and pleading in court, pledging himself to support his clients. So do not hesitate to contact the law firm of Egypt's First Lawyer.

We offer you a selection of the most qualified lawyers experienced in criminal cases - commercial cases - civil cases - labor cases - personal status cases - foreigners in Egypt - cases of Egyptians abroad -  We provide you with all legal support and delivery Legal assistance to you in all available ways, with legal experience exceeding 30 years. We focus on giving complete legal solutions to clients by virtue of our extensive experience in law work in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates 


 specialized in  

Criminal and misdemeanor cases

wrongful death cases

Cases of money laundering and public funds crimes

Divorce cases to harm

divorce issues

family issues

State Council issues

Police issues

Disciplinary boards for police officers

tax issues

Civil issues

contract drafting

Establishing companies

Reconciliation in building violations

tax issues

University student issues

Re-correction cases before the administrative courts

Dismissal issues

Land dispute issues

Trust issues

Fidelity issues

Settlement and entitlement issues

Defamation and defamation issues

A claim for the performance of an obligation

A case of indifference to the ruling

Sorting and retainer suit

annulment suit

Cancellation action

Real estate registration in the real estate month

Urgent cases to stay execution

Eviction of the tenant for non-payment

Conclusion of all types of contracts

Liquidation and division of estates

Collecting money

Executing judicial and arbitral rulings inside and outside Egypt

Preparing labor contracts and regulations for violations and penalties for commercial establishments and companies 

Preparing specialized legal and commercial notes, studies and research

Attending meetings that require the presence of a legal advisor

Request for cassation, appeal of judgments and judicial decisions, and submission of legal notes

Providing other advisory services related to concluding international contracts and negotiating contracts

Designing and developing appropriate administrative organizational rules for companies and institutions and setting effective systems

Administrative policies and procedures, classification and description of technical and administrative jobs

And more legal services that we provide with great experience extending for more than three decades 

 We make plans for legal and judicial procedures to reach the best result and as soon as possible. We also always work, through distinguished experts, to keep abreast of legal developments in a timely manner and around the clock. To reach the nearest judicial and procedural solutions. To end disputes in record time, in order to ensure the rights of clients, and to save time. We strive to build a complete vision for a future full of ambition and specific goals. Our vision lies in facilitating judicial solutions to clients and providing legal advice in a unique, distinct and unconventional way, and to conduct legal procedures in a satisfactory manner mixed with experience and effort that     is reflected on the ground. Our office is considered one of the best leading law firms in Egypt, and we have an experience of more than three decades in legal work in all its specialties 


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